Dry February Anyone?

Loving this picture sent by one of the ladies on our second workshop last week-end.

As at the first workshop it was a humbling experience to hear so many people open their hearts about their relationship with alcohol and the damage it has done.  Although participants are under no pressure to “share” their stories it does seem to be an essential part of the journey as well as a start to the healing process and a new way of life.  I am convinced that for most of the people at the workshop this was the first time they had been able to recount their stories in such a safe and supportive space.

Interestingly we had three guys in the workshop this time – now that the UK has slashed “safe” drinking levels for men from 21 to 14 (as a result of latest research) perhaps we will see more men in our workshops – after all 14 units is just 6 pints of beer a week!

Next workshop already set for March 19th – more details HERE

One of the lovely things about building a community is receiving some great articles from our members:-

HERE is one on why its “hip to be sober” and

HERE is a another really good one on “how to stop drinking wine every day”

Many thanks for sending these articles – keep them coming!

We are thrilled with the response to our Dry January Challenge and have now passed the R26,000 mark!

On 17th February we are going to Khayelitsha to make a film about the Earthchild yoga project so that donors can see just what a great project they are supporting!

Dry January Challenge still open for 2 more days so register HERE and you will receive a motivational mail for the next 31 days – giving you a Dry February!

Am now more than 8 months sober but still have the odd struggle – celebrations seem to be my worst thing – still remember a miserable birthday last August, New Year’s Eve seemed to go on for ever and just last week felt very grumpy on my 15th Wedding Anniversary – poor Husband.  Looking forward to my Soberversary on 23rd May as then I will have been sober for all key dates in my year – hoping that the second time round will be easier!

Have just noticed that I have 99 subscribers to this blog – can somebody please get me to 100 😉









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