Cape Town Recovery Walk

It’s been an awesome ending to International Recovery month. On 24 September we had the first ever Recovery Walk here in Cape Town followed by the third Recovery Film Festival which lasted all week-end. Organizer Dougie Dudgeon had selected a great line-up of movies covering all types of addiction as well as mental health issues. I rather rashly promised Dougie some film reviews so managed to sit through five before eyes turned pink. For me the most chilling film was “web junkie” which tells the story of vast numbers of Chinese teenagers being sent to “boot camps” in order to de-programme them from their computer game addictions. All five film reviews will be up on the website soon.
Am discovering that Cape Town has a vibrant and active “Recovery Community” – cameraman Linda Liboto and I got to mingle with these lovely people during the walk – we hear a lot about “addiction” these days but not so much about “recovery”. The Recovery movement hopes to change all that – as they talk openly about their experiences those in recovery hope to inspire others to take that big step.
Just as I was “recovering” from the Walk and all those movies another event popped up on the calendar. Fiona McCosh has just celebrated 4 years in recovery. A talented photographer she had the idea to ask people in long term recovery to pose for a calendar. Her models are naked – a metaphor for having nothing to hide about their recovery.


fiona calendar


The event was a launch of her stunning calendar. Fiona herself was one of the models and I will be posting a full interview with her as well as a video of the launch on the site very soon.

If you know anyone who would like to start the pathway to recovery please tell them about WorldWithoutWine’s “New Beginnings” workshop which takes place in Cape Town on Saturday November 7th.

In the meantime check out our very first video which is all about the Recovery Walk.

To access the video click here.

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