Online Exposure for World Without Wine

There has been plenty of media attention and online exposure for World Without Wine recently.  Two radio interviews, two newspaper articles and three online articles.  Check out the three on line sites by clicking on the links below:-

Biz Community:

World Without Wine, a new social network aimed at aiding sobriety in South Africa, has appointed Voice Factory Communication as their official PR agency. Janet Gourand, Founder of World Without Wine, has made it her mission to create a movement that enables men and women to successfully moderate their drinking and become sober by developing tools to support their journey to sobriety. Workshops, recovery coaching and support groups all work together to provide the encouragement needed…read more here.

All For Women:

Despite the high levels of alcohol consumption and abuse in South Africa, there are very few programmes that encourage, coach and support people to take control of their drinking behaviour and learn new, more helpful ways of coping and managing… read more here

Health 24:

South Africa is a nation of heavy drinkers and it’s an ingrained behaviour that is killing us. As consumers of more than 5 billion litres of alcohol a year, a World Health Organisation study ranks South Africa as number four on a list of countries with the riskiest drinking patterns.

This classifies us as heavy drinkers who as heavy drinkers who binge drink on a minimum five glasses of beer or wine in a single sitting for men, and more than three drinks for women. However, more people are becoming conscious of their drinking habits and are taking steps to either become sober or moderate their intake; and the sobriety trend is catching on… read more here.


World Without Wine hits the airwaves!

World Without Wine hits the airwaves with a conversation on Cape Talk.  Founder Janet Gourand was a guest on the popular Pippa Hudson Show on the 15th October.  The topic was the link between alcohol and breast cancer – as a breast cancer survivor and founder of World Without Wine Janet was well qualified to comment!

To listen to the full interview please click here

Dr Darren Green looks at the association between alcohol consumption and the risk of breast cancer in women.

Still celebrating cancer awareness month, Pippa Hudson focuses specifically Breast Cancer and South Africa is ranked 50th on the list of countries with the highest cancer prevalence, according to the World Cancer Research Fund.

Research also shows that one in 29 South African women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

CapeTalk’s Pippa Hudson spoke to Dr Darren Green, resident GP as well as Janet Gourand, Breast cancer survivor.

“The doctor took one look at my breast and she said you have malignant tumour in your breast. To me my breast looked very normal, no lumps, no pain or anything like that.”

Janet Gourand, Breast cancer survivor

Gourand says the breast cancer was an out of the blue experience but it was the support from friends and family that helped her to pull through.

According to Dr Green, doctors are finding certain lifestyles contributing to the increased incidents of cancer. He says people need to watch what they consume.

Alcohol consumption is a major risk factor for certain kinds of cancer and Gourand is also the founder of World Without Wine, which is a social network encouraging men and women to remain sober or at least to drink only moderately.

WorldWithoutWine’s First Radio Interview

The media are beginning to take an interest in World Without Wine!

Click on the audio file below to hear founder Janet Gourand’s first radio interview which went out on SABC in Durban on 5th October.

On the 15th October Janet will be a guest on the Pippa Hudson show on Cape Talk – 2pm on 15th October.