Cate’s Cache – No 3


Hi Folks. Hope you are settled into the year now.  In the first two cache instalments, I paid attention to natural headache relief.

Now, in keeping with the “head” theme I will share some natural sinusitis relief.

These tips can also be applied to blocked noses, runny noses, allergies such as hayfever and ordinary colds/flu.

Do a nasal rinse twice per day. For the rinse itself: 50ml warm (not hot) water, 1 dessert spoon of non-iodised table salt and 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.  Stir well.

You can use either a netti pot or a dessert spoon to propel the rinse up one nostril. Make sure you are standing over the basin when you do this! The dessert spoon method works well enough, but the netti pot is more user friendly. The netti pot has been endorsed by Dr Oz and many others. Here is a good Youtube demonstration.

Apply self massage to the area’s around the eyes (above and below) on either side of the nose, all along bottom ridge of the cheek bone from mouth to ear, and at the jaw joint. Use finger tips and thumbs to make small circles, to hold pressure points and to drag along the skin. A five minute self-massage goes a LONG way to clearing either congestion or runniness.

Use eucalyptus and tea tree aromatherapy oils in baths, burners, on tissues, in a steaming bowl of boiling water with a towel over your head and the bowl, or in some carrier oil or aqueous (or other neutral) cream.

Ensure adequate intake of Vit C. Due to environmental factors, radiation and loss of nutrients in food, we should all routinely be taking 1000mg of a good quality Vit C per day.  It’s a great anti-oxidant for all those who sit in front of computers with aircon’s running. Smokers also need extra Vit C than non-smokers. It’s also a great immune system booster. It needs to be a good brand though, or you may as well not take it. Solgar Ester C 1000mg is my personal choice. I’ve tried other brands, and usually end up getting a respiratory infection of some kind when I stray from my Solgar. Keep a few extra tablets in a small container in your hand bag or desk at work or in your glove compartment in your car. Then at the onset of the first symptoms of sinusitis or similar, take 1000mg every hour for the first two days. Then drop down to 3000mg per day, taking 1000mg at mealtimes. You sinusitis should be of shorter duration and the symptoms should be easier to cope with if you follow this regime.

Lastly, the Tibb range of herbal remedies for most human niggles are excellent for relieving symptoms. I have personally found the Tibb Sinugraine tablets to be as effective as Sinutab. Whenever I have to make use of Sinugraine, I feel confident that it’s all herbal and natural, and that it’s not leaving toxic residues in my liver.  Try it, next time you have a sinus problem. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Happy Noses!

Love, Cate.

PS I will continue with the head theme next time, but if you have any questions or a request about natural remedies, please feel free to comment below J

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