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Hi Everyone

In keeping with the theme of the head, and also bearing in mind that for those of us in the
Southern Hemisphere winter is upon us I have decided to focus on colds and flu.

In this first post about colds and flu, I’ll focus a bit on prevention.
Whether you are a sufferer of sinus infection, throat infection or chest infection, these
suggestions will be of benefit to you.

We cannot do enough immune system boosting! The medical community’s offer
for this is to book you into hospital for a few hours and give you
something called an immunoglobulin drip. They might also suggest a Vitamin
C drip at the same time. This can be expensive. Also it can have pesky
side effects, and doesn’t last the whole winter. And the jury is currently
not sure about whether getting a flu vaccine has any benefit. (Means:
scientific studies differ about the efficacy of flu vaccines.)

So you may as well feel confident about the natural route 🙂

I’ve said it in my previous post….you need to be taking a minimum of
1000mg of GOOD QUALITY Vitamin C every day. Why do we need so much Vit C?
Mostly because our modern lifestyles of sitting in front of computers
(radiation), not eating organic fruit and veg all the time (unless you do)
and breathing in lovely car exhaust fumes and smog all day robs us of the
Vit C levels that we do have in our bodies. And see how tactfully I have
not mentioned the smokers. We need our Vit C for very many vital
functions, not just our immune systems. When the Vit C is compromised by
the above, then we need it even more.

So, unless you’re an ardent David Wolfe acolyte, then let’s just assume
that in all things Vit C related, we are equal. Not only are the natural
levels of nutrients in our bodies affected by the lifestyles we lead, but
also we have the added slight “spanner in the works” of not all
supplements are created equal.

Sorry, folks, but some supplements just shouldn’t be bought. They don’t
get absorbed by the body, and then we urinate them out, which is almost
like pouring money down the drain (urinate/drain, get it?!?)

In South Africa, and especially in Cape Town in winter where the South
Easter2 does not blow the smog away, we need to buy good brands of
supplements that DO get absorbed by the body. In my previous post I spoke
about Solgar, but you can also experiment with The Real Thing, Viridian,
Metagenics and AmiPro. See which brand works for you, try them out
systematically, compare prices, do your own google comparisons between
companies that have tested the  brands, and alight on a brand that suits
your internal chemistry (some Vit C tablets could give one an itchy bum)
and your pocket, and then settle there. Every now and then switch your
brand for a month so as to ensure that your body does not get “lazy” about
absorbing the Vit C. This is a similar principle to switching shampoo

Find/buy/re-purpose two small containers, one that you can have in your
handbag or laptop bag and one that you can have in your cubby hole/glove
compartment. Put 5 or 6 of your 1000mg Vit C tablets into each of these
small containers. Place the containers in your bag and cubby hole. Now
you’re ready. At the FIRST sign of a symptom, be it a scratchy throat,
runny or dry nose, a tight chest, a feverish feeling, or just feeling
“unwell”, pop one tablet of your Vit C. Set your watch/clock/alarm for an
hour ahead. When it beeps, take another Vit C. Continue to take 1000mg Vit
C hourly for the rest of the day, and of course take one before you go to
sleep.3 When you awaken, you should be pleasantly surprised to see that
you did not develop into full blown flu/infection, and that you actually
can go to work. Continue to take 1000mg Vit C three times per day, with
meals, for the duration of the “unwell” feelings. When you are 100%
certain that the infection is no longer hovering in the background, drop
down to 1000mg per day again. Remember to top up your containers, and
repeat the process if symptoms show again.3 Keep on being vigilant with
yourself and running to pop Vit C tabs when you are nervous that you might
be catching or developing something, and you’ll be doing yourself and your
body a huge favour this winter. Most people don’t know about the
appropriate application of Vit C and that’s why they moan that it doesn’t

High doses of Vit C are perfectly safe4 unless you experience the itchy
bum, then ease back a bit. Vit C is also a fabulous anti-oxidant which
means it benefits those attempting to slough off some body weight, and
those trying to stay young looking. It also helps prevent cataracts.

Studies have shown that if you start taking the Vit C hourly at the first
sign of symptoms, you can actually stave off an infection.3 Unless of
course you have been burning the candle at both ends, and actually want to
be sick so that you can have a few days in bed legitimately. But that’s
for another cache 🙂

Thanks for reading, happy Vitamin C’ing!
Cate Xx

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