Community Outreach


Cape Town based NGO the Earth Child Project are involved with 8 schools in Khayelitsha and Lavender Hill, facilitating over 2000 children.

Working to complement the academic curriculum, ECP provides practical skills for healthy living such as:

Teaching children to connect to self, each other and the earth through yoga and life-skills

Cultivating practical skills through gardening and worm farming

Inspiring a new generation of young leaders through hikes and holiday programmes

Every year WorldWithoutWine does a “Dry January” – asking participants to make a donation to Earthchild in exchange for a Daily Mail full of tips, tools and motivation to get them through an alcohol free month.

It costs Earthchild R250 to provide a child with a whole year of yoga tuition.

In 2016 we raised R30,000, 2017 we got to R36,600 and 2018 we raised R56,000!