Native born Capetonian Cate Erlank always knew she wanted to “help other people”. She completed a BA in psychology at UCT after high school, but it wasn’t “quite right”. She studied Reiki and various forms of massage from 2002. She added reflexology in 2005. By 2003, Cate was working full time as a holistic therapist in a diverse range of roles and settings. Her now 14 years of experience place her perfectly for being able to size up a clients’ health issues and respond accordingly. When you book a session with Cate, you receive her full attention and commitment to your health goals. She currently runs Mountain Massage Mobile Treatments and works all around Cape Town, delivering authentic, in-depth treatments. Cate loves to commune with all forms of nature and gives Reiki to the cats at her local animal shelter.


Vicky has had a long career in media, working in educational publishing, for the Telegraph Group and United Business Media, culminating in being Media Director for The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development. Four and half years ago her daughter Louise died from an overdose of the drug ketamine, and shortly after she was diagnosed with a malignant soft tissue sarcoma of the calf. She has devoted the time since her bereavement and illness to overcoming adversity through positive thinking, health and well-being. Now living in Singapore, she has recently published a book, Love and War in the WRNS, and writes regular blogs and columns. "Vicky's View" is a regular feature which you can find under "features".