Down the Rabbit Hole

Am learning that “moderation” can take many different forms. There is the sensible version which involves just a glass of wine a night and never exceeding the “safe limits” but this morning I learned about a rather wilder version – the “rabbit hole” method. This involves living a fairly functional and sober life until the urge to “disappear down the rabbit hole” gets too strong. Planning takes place and friends and contacts are informed of pending “unavailability”. There follows 3 to 4 days of hard partying. The return to consciousness usually means that significant chunks of time have gone “missing” although there may be some physical evidence in the form of “UDI bruises” (UDI = Unidentified Drinking Incidents). As someone who could never see the point of just “one glass of wine” I listened to this story with great admiration wishing I could trust myself to pop down that rabbit hole but am well aware that I may never come back out so had better stay sober.

Professional obligations as the founder of WorldWithoutWine also prevent me from popping down that rabbit hole – thank you to everyone who came to support us at our launch party last week – if you didn’t make it you can watch a bit of it HERE – we also got some coverage from local press HERE as well as a piece in the Sunday Times HERE

Excellent progress on Dry January Challenge.  We are working with the fabulous to raise money to put 100 township children through a one year course of yoga.  We have already raised R5,500 which means we already have a class of 27!  It costs just R200 per child for a year of yoga – or if you are a Brit it will cost you a mere 9 pounds!  In order to participate make your donation  HERE  – (international donations gratefully accepted!) – Once you have donated I will automatically receive your e-mail address from Earthchild and will be in touch to get your dates.  I will then be sending you a daily e-mail containing tips, tools and inspiration to keep you dry for the whole month.  You can select any 31 day period from now until the end of January so if you prefer to start mid January to mid February rather than 1-31 January that will work.

GOTCHA! – thanks to clever and cunning web designer Pinkgraphy we seem to have outwitted those pesky robots.  Since installing reCAPTCHA I no longer have to start my day my deleting endless crap from “comments” section as robots have obviously moved on to annoy someone else – yay!

Wishing all bloggees “happy holidays” – I am off for my annual trip to the “Hydro” – usually I go there to “dry out” but this year will be a bit different as am already quite dry…will report back

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