Dry January Challenge!

So excited about our Dry January Challenge!

WorldWithoutWine has teamed up with the fabulous Earthchild Project and we have set the following target  “to provide 100 kids with yoga classes for a year”

Over the past 8 years Earthchild have taught yoga to thousands of children in disadvantaged areas. It is a powerful and practical tool that supports the physical, mental and emotional development of the child. Yoga empowers vulnerable children to transform their lives and communities.

Just R200 provides a child with weekly yoga classes for a year so we need just 100 people to join our challenge (although if we could put more children through it would be even better!)

This is how it will work:-

In order to participate you will need to resolve to give up alcohol for a 30 day period.

The challenge is open from now to the end of January so just pick 30 days in that window – for example you might decide to be dry from 1-30 January or if you are still on holiday during early January you might prefer to choose 15 January-15 February.  You can even start it on 31 January and end on 2nd March.

Once you have decided on your dates please reflect on how much you would have spent on alcohol during those 30 days and divert that money (or a proportion of it) to Earthchild.  Just a couple of bottles of wine comes in at R200 which already covers one child’s yoga classes for a year – how many bottles do you get through in a month?  Enough to fund several children’s classes perhaps?

So once you have decided how much you can afford to donate please click HERE and make your donation.  Then drop me a line on janet@worldwithoutwine.com with the dates of your “Dry January” and I will set up your daily e-mails.

So lets have a healthy start to 2016 and help (at least) 100 kids have a better 2016!

I look forward to hearing from you!




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