First Sober Christmas…

According to my “I’m Done Drinking” app I’ve been sober for 216 days. You would think I would have got the hang of this non drinking lark by now. But day 216 also happens to be Christmas Day. The first Christmas Day not swimming in a sea of champagne for a long long time. And it was hard – very hard. Not sure why. I’m not religious. I’m not from a huge family that “gathers” at Christmas. I’m not interested in joining the commercial frenzy or shopping till I drop. So why does Christmas make me feel so churned up inside. A feeling which I usually drown in alcohol – but this year I couldn’t so I just had to feel it. Well I felt it – and I survived – and now its over. I’m sober. Clear, present and calm. Not still hungover from Christmas Eve or into the umpteenth glass which tips me from happy to dysfunctional. Just sober.

Now it’s time to look ahead. To focus on our “Dry January Challenge”. I am being interviewed on SAfm tomorrow morning – 11am on the Lifestyle Show so hope to get a chance to publicize the Challenge. Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated and registered for “Dry January”.
Daily motivational e-mails coming your way. We have already raised R7,700 so well on the way to our target of R20,000 which will provide 100 under privileged kids with yoga classes for a whole year.

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See you next year!


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