Hard Landings..

Now I understand the big advantage of drinking on board – the altered state ensures that time slips by in a painless and gentle fashion – sobriety means the flight goes on for ever and a day.  Flight from Capetown to Nice was super-stressful as almost missed Joburg connection due to late arrival of connecting flight.  Arrived on board with minutes to spare and a strong desire for a drink to calm frazzled nerves.  Was in midst of deep breathing exercises when became aware that neighbour was holding out hand as he felt he needed to introduce himself as “we would be spending the night together” – ha bloody ha – and another 11 hours of this banter ahead of me.  Retreated into grumpy monosyllabic mode which seemed to do the trick until dinner arrived when he demanded to know why I had refused wine with my dinner – “because I am an alcoholic!” I snapped.  This seemed to do the trick and he was silent for the rest of the trip.

The flight droned on for ever.  The entertainment system broke down interrupting the steady flow of rubbish movies.  Eventually arrived at destination in extremely bad mood (rather than the usual alcohol-induced smiley haze).  Fell into bed gratefully – is there anything better than ones own bed after a night on a plane?  A horrible awakening the next morning as in terrible pain from knees which had swollen up like a pair of footballs.  Putain!  Had planned reunion lunch with lovely (and only) Marseille pal Katya (below) but had to cancel as I could not even walk.


Am off to London tomorrow for “How to Quit Drinking” seminar – in spite of fact that have managed 49 AF days (miracle in face of almost missed flights and football knees).  To restore mobility have been consulting physio, icing knees, buying pain killers and ordering a wheelchair from airline.  Physio insists on me wearing “bas auto-fixants” – very thick DVT stockings so with those on under my jeans and a London heatwave this week-end is going to be hot, hot, hot

Will report back…

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8 thoughts on “Hard Landings..

  1. molly williams

    Love your blog – am also about to embark on a dry flight to Hanoi and reunion with family (a first). Look forward to hearing about the seminar and wishing I could go too. Molly

    1. janetgourand

      Hi Molly
      Thanks for following blog – not sure where your starting point is but flight to Hanoi sounds like a long one – good luck!

  2. Victoria

    Poor you! I love the way you write! I would have been so fed up, but would have probably drunk. So well done! You are achieving incredible things! Good luck with the workshop and keep us posted

    1. janetgourand

      Thanks Victoria – quite a few of my “bloggees” are interested in this workshop so feel a responsibility to get there (swollen knees and all!) – will report back on content and dates of future workshops xx

  3. Mandy

    My dearest Janet,

    Wow your will power and strength are so amazing! You continue to inspire and motivate me! Can,t wait to hear about the workshop … let me know soonest. Love from sunny Cape Town. xxx

    1. janetgourand

      Hi Mands. Will send you a mail about workshop as soon as am back at my computer in France..

  4. Laura

    Love reading your blog. Week one sober here, and must be on my very own pink cloud. I’ll keep riding high. Hope you can too.

    1. janetgourand

      Hi Laura – thanks for following my blog – first week is crucial so well done – stay on that pink cloud and enjoy the ride!

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