Heading south…

“A cage went in search of a bird”  Franz Kafka

If alcohol was the cage then I was the bird…my cage felt a bit like the picture above.

Talking of cages I have been reading about the “Rat Park” study of addiction by Canadian psychologist Bruce K Alexander.  Alexander found that rats isolated in empty cages with a choice of drinking plain tap water or water laced with morphine went straight for the morphine.

When the rats were moved to a purpose built spacious “Rat Park” with an abundance of food toys (and other rats) they chose the plain water.

So to give up the drink (or drugs) it’s important to create ones very own “Rat Park” and focus on those connections and activities.

Three is an important number when giving up the booze and I am trying to focus on the three threes:

  • 3 days for physical addiction to leave the body
  • 3 weeks to break the habit
  • 3 months for transformation to begin…

I am heading back to Cape Town tomorrow (yay!) so will be “morose in Marseille” no more… As I have lots of pals and activities in Cape Town I guess I have created my very own “Rat Park” so it should not be too difficult to go for the plain water option (I hope).

I will be celebrating my three month anniversary on 23rd August (along with sober-buddy Charles – well done Charles!).  My spirits are lifting as I prepare to head South to begin the transformation phase.  I know that there will still be tough times ahead but feel that the first big step has been taken…

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4 thoughts on “Heading south…

  1. vicky

    Bravo Janet – enjoy your return to Cape Town!!

    1. Worldwithoutwine@gmail.com



  2. gay

    wonderful , encouraging

    1. Worldwithoutwine@gmail.com


      thanks so much!

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