Home Sweet Home…

The great trek south actually began by heading north on a train to Paris.  Fortunately not the train containing crazy gunman who claims he “found” his weapons and was just planning a spot of light robbery.  Train conveniently dropped me at Charles de Gaulle airport where I was to catch my train to Joburg.  Walking towards departure gate I heard the most lovely South African singing – a strange and surreal experience in a French airport which brought me out in goosebumps.  When I arrived at the gate I found 45 South African firefighters singing their hearts out (!)  They were returning from Canada where they had been putting out forest fires and they were (like me) happy to be heading home.

Was gratified to realise that “sober flight” home was a lot easier than the outward flight had been 7 weeks earlier – perhaps it was being surrounded by handsome firefighters that took my mind off the drink.

First thing I did on arriving home was to catch a nasty cold so have been resting nicely with head in this fabulous book by Johann Hari.


Journalist Johann has documented his epic three year, 30,000 mile journey into the “war on drugs” to uncover its secrets – and he found a startling gap between what we have been told and what is really going on.  Drugs are not what we have been told they are and addiction is not what we think it is.  A fascinating and well-written tale.

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