Hot off the Press!

Hot off the Press! The UK government’s “safe” drinking guidelines were first published in 1995.  During their current review the UK Chief Medical Officers have found that there is significant new evidence on the effects of alcohol that was not available 20 years ago.  In particular, stronger evidence is available that the risk of cancers, especially breast cancer, increases directly in-line with consumption of alcohol.  (If I had known maybe I could have avoided mastectomy and chemotherapy in 2006!)

Yesterday the new guidelines were published.

Surprisingly the allowance for men has been slashed by a third and is now the same as for women – ladies you must warn your man!   Recommendations include having several alcohol free days a week and if you are contemplating pregnancy then better not to drink at all.  Full details are HERE

On a lighter note – in case you need any more persuasion to go for a Dry January then check out why giving up the booze is better than Botox!  Article kindly sent to me by bloggee Penny – you can read it HERE

Talking of Dry January we are doing really well with our fundraising – now have R17,000 which is enough to provide 85 under privileged kids with a whole year of yoga lessons.  Thank you so much to everyone that has donated so far – if you haven’t donated yet then please click HERE and help us to get to our target R20,000.  Overseas donations are accepted – in fact pounds are extremely welcome as our currency appears to be collapsing – meaning you can fund a year of yoga lessons for a child for just eight pounds!  In return you will get an e-mail from me each day full of tips and encouragement to keep you “dry” for 31 days.  You can register anytime during January.

Have just posted some advice on how to cope with a “severe headache” – useful tips from our regular contributor Cate Erlank in “Cate’s Cache” – you can read it HERE

On 26th December I got a chance to do a 20 minute radio interview – as it was the day after Christmas it gave me a great opportunity to talk about Dry January Challenge and my next “How to Quit or Moderate” workshop on 23rd January.  The workshop is in Cape Town although I am planning to run them in Joburg and Durban later in the year.  More details on the workshop HERE and if you want to listen to the radio interview then its HERE

The Afrikaans press seem to be taking an interest in WorldWithoutWine this week.  I was interviewed twice yesterday – first by a young man from Netwerk 24 and then by a reporter from Die Burger.  I bought Die Burger this morning and sure enough there was an article about WorldWithoutWine – as I don’t speak a word of Afrikaans I have no idea what it says – have attached it to this post so the first person to send me a translation of the headline will win a (small) prize.

Finally wanted to let you know that we are now on instagram – link is so follow us please!







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