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Observant bloggees may notice that “www.worldwithoutwine” is looking a bit different these days – that’s because the lovely Louise Rowlinson from has inspired me to spread the sober love to South Africa – it’s a work in progress so watch this space…

Objective of second trip to London was to organise family reunion.  For some families this can take months but as there are only 3 of us it was relatively simple – here we all are – and no the guy at the back is not a family member.  We were lucky to be accompanied by the lovely Mari who is now official family photographer and is responsible for these great shots.


Cattle like treatment from Easyjet combined with Gatwick airport at peak of holiday season enough to drive anyone to drink but managed to find charming young barman who produced an excellent virgin Mary.   Sipped it calmly in the midst of crazy burger scoffing/beer drinking Brits as their screeching kids ran around in circles.  Pal Vicky’s phrase “hell on earth” when describing her recent experience at Luton airport came to mind.

13 (1)

Brother Rich and girlfriend Joo (above) took us to a gig in deepest Wales which interestingly featured reggae bank Talisman and Don Lets – Don is a DJ who lives round the corner from Son in Ladbroke Grove..  his music was good but he made no effort to connect or speak to audience so one felt like a bit of a voyeur watching him as he did his thing on the stage.  Talisman were much more friendly..


I love to dance and began my dancing career at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester in 1967 when I would dance from 9pm to 5am at an “all nighter” every Saturday – this was at the height of the “northern soul” culture.  From what I remember we would rely on just one purple heart to keep us going for the duration but the booze had taken over by the time I hit my twenties..

So here I am many years later with just a diet coke to keep me company – tried to move a bit but “sober dancing” is no fun at all – was just not “feeling” the music and legs felt like they were made from wood.  Kind brother pointed out that it didn’t really matter and that at least I had ticked off another milestone – an AFG (alcohol free gig)

Back in Marseille where the concept of non alcoholic drinks has not really taken off yet – Marseille prides itself in being “tough” and  “gritty” – revels in its reputation as the “bad boy” of Europe – in fact “mocktails” would be seen as something to be consumed by Parisians who are perceived as soft and spoilt.  I did find a bar which was making an effort but I think it all got rather lost in translation – “cocktail sans virgin” – wtf??

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.03.31

Have found an awesome app for my phone called “I’m done drinking” – just enter how many drinks you had a day, the cost, and the date you gave up…

This is what it’s telling me today

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.04.16

Its great for motivation although am not (yet) thin and rich which one would expect to be after saving money & calories on such a grand scale.

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8 thoughts on “London (2)

  1. lucy2610

    Don Letts is ace. Used to DJ at a bar on Brick Lane on a Sunday that we used to frequent back in the day 🙂 Spread the sober love Janet and don’t worry sober dancing gets easier 😉

  2. janetgourand

    Hey Lucy yes Don’s music was great – and thats excellent news about the sober dancing xxx

  3. vickyunwin

    Was just wondering why you and been so quiet…but all is well I see! I am so proud of you – dancing under any influence – ie sober or not – has always been a challenge for me so AFG/sober dancing is a great achievement!

    1. janetgourand

      thanks Vicky – yes I am still behaving myself but its not easy – think you have been missing your girl a lot recently – sending you love and courage xxxxx

  4. Mandy

    Lovely Janet and Mari what a splendid job on the new face of WWW 🙂 Love the app too and still so proud and inspired!

  5. janetgourand

    Hey beautiful Mands Glad you approve of the new website – and hope that you saw your picture in the “our team” section! Can’t wait to get back to Capetown! Miss you xxxx

  6. Linda Aspey

    Ditto other comments – well done for your determination! Attagirll! Looking forward to SA in January – but it would be lovely to catch up if you’re in London again this year. Xx

    1. janetgourand

      Hi Linda. Thanks for encouragement – I must say Marseille is not an easy place to cope with when sober but am heading south in just 13 days so will hold on! See you in January xxx

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