Making Sobriety my Bitch

Here is the our lovely web designer Mari from who is busy loading lots of fresh content on – it should be ready next week so watch this space!

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Big thank you to Linda and Lou in London who sent us some links to alcohol use/abuse in South Africa – World Without Wine team is busy loading those stats onto infographics so as soon as we have worked out just how to do that they will appear on the site!

Looking forward to the Cape Town “Recovery Film Festival” later this month. British film will open the festival. Have managed to track down the film’s Director Arthur Cauty who has promised World Without Wine an exclusive interview. He is an interesting guy – as a teenager he tried alcohol but just didn’t like the taste – then had to cope with all his mates (and brothers) getting trashed around him. After he traveled overseas for a while he realised just how excessively we drink in UK and that it’s not like that in most other countries. He then got the idea to make a film about the subject – his film is a powerful documentary which could change (and save) lives if shown to enough young people in the UK. The film has been billed as “Think Bowling for Columbine, only with alcohol instead of guns. Drinking for Britain: We don’t shoot ourselves to death here, we kill ourselves with drink – much more dignified.” So that’s the UK – will be interesting to see how SA stats compare – sounds like another subject for an info-graphic! A Royal Hangover is available on i-tunes.

Carrie Armstrong stars in the film and she has a great blog called
Just been reading one of her posts – “Make Sobriety Your Bitch” – will close this post with a quote:-

“Making sobriety your bitch means you get to be in charge. No, you do not drink. No, you do not think about it. Do not entertain it as an option. Your body is not going to go renegade and pour itself a drink. Become obsessed with sobriety. Make sobriety your bitch. Live your sober life vibrantly. Do it publicly. Flaunt it unashamedly.”

Nice one Carrie…

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