Morose in Marseille

Have been informed by social media guru that my blogs must be shorter, sharper and more frequent so here goes..

Not a lot to report in any case as have been passing a solitary week in one of my least favourite places on earth – Marseille.  Husband visiting relatives in the north and only friend in Marseille has decamped to her country house.  Can feel depression hovering and wonder if I am careering down “the curve” we heard about in recent London workshop.

The urge to pop out for a bottle of chilled white is ever-present but am forcing myself to “play it forward”.  I know the first glass would be divine but I also know that I would finish off the bottle which would take me back to square one.  My “I’m done drinking” app is now showing 70 days and I can’t risk phone exploding in hand so will just have to make do with a glass of Schweppes without the gin,

In a quest for human contact have been visiting Francois the optician and his delicious pinscher “Yuki”.  First visit was to buy some new glasses whereas subsequent (daily) visits have been to chat and fuss and change various features of new glasses.  Francois is extremely popular with the ladies and one has to wait one’s turn while he shrieks and giggles with other customers.  Yuki brings his toy to be thrown if he can see you are waiting for his master so one is never bored.

Here is Yuki..

Talking of dogs have been missing chihuahua June terribly although was pleased to hear that she came top in dogclass today.  Next week I will visit the breeders where I found her – one of their chihuahuas has recently had puppies so am guaranteed some serious dog therapy.

When not stalking local optician, thinking about chihuahuas or resisting urge to buy wine I have been researching my new project.  Came across this excellent TED talk which made so much sense to me.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  Just google  “TED talks  addiction  Johann Hari” –  dated 9 July, 2015.

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10 thoughts on “Morose in Marseille

  1. molly

    Well I am enjoying your meanderings so don’t stop! xxx

  2. janetgourand

    thank you Molly!

  3. vickyunwin

    Frequency is important, but I am afraid that my blogs are long as there is always so much to see when travelling! But its a trifle strange as I am following your blog but not getting the email alerts – what is wordpress up to??? Only pick it up on FB….you might want to see if other followers have the same problem. Courage mon brave!

  4. brenda

    Janet at this stage of your life your write as much as you want if you want to write a book do it. Ill read it xxxx

    1. janetgourand

      thanks Brenda! will keep writing then! xxx

  5. janetgourand

    Hi Vicky
    Thanks for following in spite of wordpress strange behaviour! – it puts your blog alerts in junk but I know to check my “junk”now and then – all sorts of interesting things turn up there! We went to see “Amy” last night – heartbreaking..

  6. Mandy

    Lovely Janet… I question guru as your blogs always seem to short for my liking…! Wow 70 days but don’t worry soon you will be back in SA and no longer needing to seek out opticians for company. Yes like Vicky I too only pick up our blog on FB… we need to check this with Mari to ensure it is better on the site. Looking forward to end of August when I see you. Much love and stay strong xxx

    1. janetgourand

      Hi Mandy
      thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you soon xxx

  7. Ellie

    I agree – nothing long or boring about your posts! (And well done on reaching 70 days – I have been trying to cut down over the last few months but just had a very boozy weekend. Starting to think that complete abstinence is the only way…)

    1. janetgourand

      Hi Ellie
      Although it’s not at all easy abstinence is working better for me than endless attempts at “moderation” which end in failure – give it a try? Good luck with whatever approach you take and thanks for following my blog..

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