New Beginnings

Facilitating World Without Wine’s first workshop was a humbling experience – a room full of brave and beautiful women opening their hearts about their relationship with alcohol – we reflected on the damage we do to our bodies as well as our friends and families and we looked at strategies to change our behaviour…

But most of all we bonded as a group and pledged to support each other going forward. All our stories around alcohol were different but by sharing our angst around the booze we all became a little stronger.

As one of the evaluation forms said “today has been amazing – everything I was looking for – the camaraderie and knowing other women are in a similar situation has given me the strength to change”

For the first time my dream feels tangible, my dream to build a community which will be:-

A place of warmth, wisdom and encouragement

A place where we can share ideas, compare notes and encourage each other

A place where we don’t judge, criticize or condescend

Interestingly all the participants were female and I am now wondering whether to limit attendance of future workshops to women – I even came up with a new name – “Women on the Wagon” – the WOW workshop – what do you think bloggees?

Send me your thoughts… would also like to change “workshop” to something less corporate but brain seems to be dead at the moment…

Send me your comments and the best ideas will win a World Without Wine t-shirt!

We also had a “tasting” of non alcoholic drinks at the workshop and Kombucha was the hot favourite!

You can now find a “membership form” on the website. Offering membership is in line with our goal to build a community – advantages of membership are that you will receive a weekly e-mail with latest alcohol related information plus tips to cut down. We will also give members a discount on workshops and recovery coaching sessions. Early next year our site will become “interactive” meaning that members will be able to join chat rooms, post their own blog etc..

Membership is free and you can be anonymous. The first ten members will get a World Without Wine t-shirt!

We have the first of a regular feature on the site called “Cate’s Cache” – Cate is a fantastic masseuse and if you are lucky enough to live in Cape Town then she will come to your home and massage you. Her tip this month is “home care for headaches” and you can find her under “Features”.

Now the first workshop is over (next one on January 23rd) am busy organising the World Without Wine official “launch” and tasting event. We have been contacting manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks and they are keen to work with us. Have booked fabulous venue “Issi on Bree” for 10th December for this event. If you would like to come just contact me for an invite.

Tomorrow I am interviewing top breast cancer surgeon Dr Jenny Edge on the link between breast cancer and alcohol so watch this space!

Looking forward to your comments!

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3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. vicky

    Janet – bravo, wonderful progress. WOW is a great name. Why dont you just call it a get-together?

    It would be nice to have a like button on the blog though….its good for people who like it but might not want to post a comment.

  2. Mandy

    HI Janet,

    I attended the ‘workshop” and loved every moment of it – thank you so much! WOW workshop sounds good because it was just that WOW! Look forward to your interview with Dr Edge. You continue to inspire me on my Journey of www!


      WOW – thanks so much Mandy!

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