We did it!  We raised R20,000 for our Dry January Challenge which means that 100 kids get a whole year of yoga lessons via   Thanks so much to everybody who donated – we will be making a video of the project next month so you will see exactly where your money has gone.  The fund is still open so people can sign up until the end of January – just click HERE to register and then you will receive a “motivational mail” for the next 31 days to help you stay on track.  Earthchild will be making a difference in the lives of 2,000 children during 2016 so if we can raise even more than R20,000 for them that would be awesome.

Talking of Dry January listen out for Mandy Shrimpton from WorldWithoutWine on Cape Talk tomorrow (Wednesday).  She will be on the Pippa Hudson Show at 13.30 so do phone in if you have any comments/questions for us.  She will be talking about Dry January, our workshops and also the new UK guidelines for “safe” drinking.

Finally we have two fabulous new people on our team!  Zaida van Schalkwyk is in charge of “Events” – she organised our Launch party last month and she is busy looking into opening Cape Town’s first ever “Dry Bar”.  Zaida is also helping you to answer that tricky question “what to drink when you don’t drink” and is liaising with suppliers on non-alcoholic drinks – let us know if you have a favourite one.  She will also be recruiting a “Mocktail Barman” for us and we will be posting a regular video of him making his “Mocktail of the Month”

We are also joined by Linda Siboto – in the pic with me.  Linda has been directing and producing videos for us since we began –  you can see his videos HERE but he will be taking on a bigger role.

If you click HERE you can read more about Linda and Zaida.

Thats all!




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