Preparing to launch!

Even though sensible Husband has taught me to pretty much ignore Christmas I can sense the craziness building up around me – must stay vigilant as we head towards the Get Obliterated season.

Navigated another “AF first” last night at sober buddy’s annual “soiree” – this usually passes in a blur but this time was able to experience the delightful evening with full clarity – even noticed for the first time the extent of the fabulous garden – had to draw the line when invited to stay on later for “sober dancing” though..

Am keeping busy organising WorldWithoutWine launch – am delighted to confirm bestselling author Melinda Ferguson as our main speaker – I once confessed to Melinda that I felt a bit “lightweight” with my Sauvignon Blanc habit next to her Serious Smack habit but she wisely assured me that it was all the “same thing.”  We will also be joined by the fabulous photographer Fiona McCosh who has produced a beautiful “Sober & Sexy” calendar featuring 12 naked addicts – all now in Recovery.  Have to admit to having developed a soft spot for “May” so will be willing the first 4 months of 2016 to pass quickly.  If you are coming to our launch please bring R200 to buy a calendar – all proceeds to Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre.

The launch will take place in Issi on Bree – Chef Oatley has developed a delicious welcome drink for our lucky guests – Vanilla Strawberry Mocktail – see above.

We are also collaborating with the wonderful Earthchild NGO to set up a “Dry January Challenge” – we will be asking members to sign up for the challenge by redirecting their monthly spend on booze to Earthchild – every R200 they pledge buys a whole year of yoga classes for a child in Khayelitsha – watch this space for more details.

T-shirts are going to Elzane du Plessis, Lize Baxter and Rita Van Winkel who were among the first 10 people to join WorldWithoutWine.  Have been inundated with spam so have only selected names of people I know to add to the membership database.  If you joined (and are not a robot) then please send me a note to and I will check if you were in the first 10 and reply directly to you.

New content on website:-

*   Vicky’s View – Vicky shares her thoughts on grief and life beyond the loss of a child – read it here

*   Dr Jenny Edge – my interview with top cancer specialist on the link between alcohol and breast
cancer read it here

The comments section of my blog seems to be inhabited by robots these days – was replying dutifully until web designer Pinkgraphy gently pointed out that these comments were in fact “spam” – so this is a plea for some humans to outwit the pesky robots and post me a genuine comment – please!


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  1. Mandy

    So looking forward to trying the Strawberry Vanilla Mocktail at the launch!


      thanks for the comment Mands – at least I know you are not a robot 😉

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