Raising our game!

Life has been getting hectic here at World Without Wine!

Lots of excitement as have been asked to report on Cape Town’s Recovery Walk and Film Festival this week. Have found myself a charming young cameraman to assist me as I interview the participants. When I worked at the BBC many years ago we used to call these “voxpops” but I am reliably informed that all the cool people now call them “voxies”. Have also invested in a brand new t-shirt – see above.

Press releases go out next week to officially launch World Without Wine and on 15th October we will be on the Pippa Hudson Show on Cape Talk!

Plenty of new material on www.worldwithoutwine.com in preparation for the launch:-

Under “features” we have some new content:-

* a beautifully written piece from Vicky Unwin which is a review of the heartbreaking film
“Amy” – Vicky will be writing for us every month so watch out for “Vicky’s View”

* a warm welcome and a personal story from London sober-blogger Louise Rowlinson of
www.ahangoverfreelife.com – I met Louise when I attended her excellent “How to Quit
Drinking” seminar at Club Soda last July

* a book review of a very moving book called “Drinking – a love story” by the late
Caroline Knapp – there are many drinking “memoirs” around – please send us a review of
your favourite – we will publish the best one and send you a prize!

* an inspirational TED talk by the wonderful Johann Hari on “why everything we think we
know about addiction is wrong”.

“Recovery Rocks” is our space for personal stories of people who got sober – I am kicking it off but want to hear YOUR stories – send them to janet@worldwithoutwine.com

Then we have our “Media Room” where we will share with you what the press are saying about “World Without Wine” – not a lot at the moment but watch this space!

I will also be summarising my favourite alcohol related news stories in the Media Room – you have to check out my favourite – Wanzia the Wasted Badger – I kid you not – check it out…

Would love to hear from loyal bloggees what you think of our new content – just leave a comment or drop me a line on janet@worldwithoutwine.com

I am learning so much new stuff through this project and feel as if I am being dragged into 21st century. I now know what a “voxy” is and clever Son has taught me how to “boost” my Facebook posts on the World Without Wine page. I was so keen to “boost” my post on our first “Vicky’s View” feature that I clicked too many times on the button and spent ten times more than I meant to spend! Result is that my post reached 31,656 people – let’s hope they don’t all want to attend our workshop in November or I will have to find a bigger venue!

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  1. Cate

    Excited for u, Janet. And equally excited to be part of worldwithout. Looking forward to seeing my Cache appear! Xx

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