Recovery coaching via Skype

A year ago today, I woke up hungover and anxiety ridden. My husband and I had had a series of arguments (wine made me over-emotional and confrontational.) I was feeling severely depressed and knew that if I continued down this path it would ruin my relationship and ultimately, my life.

I contacted Janet Gourand via Facebook (who at that time, only hosted workshops in Cape Town.) She offered to help me with private sessions via Skype. I asked my husband to gift me the sessions as an early Christmas present. I wasn’t certain that it would stick but felt desperate enough to try.

The start of sobriety was difficult. Eating at restaurants without my two (okay, four- five) glasses of wine made me feel bereft. It took me a full six months to tell my friends that I had quit alcohol. There are some friends who I haven’t seen since the 2nd of October 2016 which is telling in itself.

A year later going without wine has become effortless. I’ve truly gotten to know myself (for instance, that I am sentimental even without the wine.) I feel brave and ultimately, just thankful for this major life-change.

So I had to write this and acknowledge it. Thanks again Janet Gourand.

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