Recovery Coaching

Similar to life and business coaching, recovery coaching uses a partnership model wherein the client is considered to be the expert on his or her life, the one who decides what is worth doing, and the coach provides expertise in supporting successful change.  Recovery coaching focuses on achieving any goals important to the client – not just recovery-related goals.  The coach asks questions and offers reflections to help the client reach clarity and decide what steps to take.

Recovery coaching emphasizes honoring values and making principle based decisions, creating a clear plan of action, and using current strengths to reach future goals.  The coach provides a safe and confidential space as well as accountability to help the client stay on track.

A recovery coach provides one to one assistance to a client who has decided to moderate or quit drinking.  The coach will help the client to come up with new behaviours to use in their own environment. 

The time required to effect a meaningful change of behaviour varies greatly and will depend upon the client and family and social life.  The coach’s input will decrease as the client’s ability to confront family, work and socialising without relapse is proven.

WWW offer one complimentary session of “recovery coaching” for anyone attending the “New Beginnings” workshop. 

A minimum of four coaching sessions are recommended to bring about real and lasting change.  These one hour sessions would be held at weekly intervals.

Coaching is done face to face for people living in Cape Town – people living elsewhere in South Africa or overseas can be coached via Skype



Janet Gourand

A fully trained and accredited coach (UK and SA) with many years of experience. As an HR Director in London she developed an interest in executive coaching and trained with Myles Downey. Relocating to Cape Town in 2003 she spent her first year further refining her coaching skills with i-coach University gaining the Certificate of Coaching Practice. Janet founded and ran Xcite Skils Development in South Africa for 10 years – Xcite offered HR consultancy, training and coaching.

Brenda Williams

An Executive Coach, Facilitator and Consultant who works with individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their potential. She engages her clients by creating a thinking environment where the client has the opportunity and space to work on personal and business goals. Brenda uses an integral approach in her coaching incorporating emotional intelligence. The focus is on creating awareness and responsibility to take effective action and achieve desired results.

Maguelone Boe

A French lecturer in management at the HEC business school in Montreal before turning her talents to coaching and training. She has a qualification from the “Centre de Relation d’aide de Montreal” where she worked as a trainer, supervisor and moderator. Maguelone shares her time between Quebec and Europe. She is also a therapist and runs workshops relating to job satisfaction and happiness at work. She is a qualified coach and can offer recovery coaching” via Skype.