Recovery Coaching

If you are thinking about reducing or even quitting drinking alcohol then these are some of the ways a “Recovery Coach” could help:-

  • Providing you with moral support as they travel alongside you on this journey – believing in you.
  • Creating a safe, confidential and non judgemental space where you can talk through your feelings, emotions and fears.
  • Holding you accountable and ensuring you stay on track as you move towards the goals that you have set.
  • Asking the right questions and offering reflections to help you reach clarity and understand why you do what you do..
  • Providing practical advice based on their own experiences
  • Enabling you to discover a path which will provide your life with more joy and meaning

The time required to effect a meaningful change of behaviour varies greatly and will depend upon the client and family and social life.  The coach’s input will decrease as the client’s ability to confront family, work and socialising without relapse is proven.

WWW offer one complimentary session of “recovery coaching” for anyone attending the “New Beginnings” workshop. 

A minimum of four coaching sessions are recommended to bring about real and lasting change.  These one hour sessions are held at weekly intervals.

Coaching is done face to face for people living in Cape Town – people living elsewhere in South Africa or overseas can be coached via Skype.

For availability and fee structure please write to

Janet Gourand is a qualified Recovery Coach – her method is to guide clients through their “recovery” and then help them find more purpose and meaning in their life…