Sober and Sexy

Meet Erika Edeogu – an alcoholic and an addict.  “I managed to escape death a few times, car accidents, attempted suicide, it was wild.  But, today life is beautiful.  I’ve got my family back.  I’ve got my friends back.  Today I focus on the important things in life:  my children, my career as a model and an actor, and helping others on the path to recovery.”

Erika’s story is just one of twelve heartwarming stories which make up Fiona McCosh’s stunning “Sober and Sexy” calendar 2016.  All proceeds of the calendar go to Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre.  If you want to buy one just let me know!

Cameraman Linda Siboto and I were at the launch of the calendar and we chatted to a few people there – it was a very well attended event and you can see our video by going into “Features” and then “Videos”.

More new content on the website:-

* read the interview with Fiona McCosh creator of Sober and Sexy calendar here

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Although many people manage to keep out of trouble with drugs or alcohol very few of us manage to resist the internet – two films on internet addiction are included in the reviews together with a Russell Brand double bill.  Russell came to Cape Town last week and did a fantastic live show.  At 11 years clean he is proving a great Recovery Ally as he campaigns to change the way addicts are treated.


World Without Wine is attracting a bit of interest from the media this month.  I was walking chihuahua June last week when my phone rang – it was SABC radio in Durban and they wanted to talk to me about my “cool initiative” – you can find the interview by clicking on “media room” and then “www in the news”

On 15th October am a guest on the Pippa Hudson show on Cape Talk!

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