Sober life is full of “firsts”…

Clever Brother once pointed out to me that I should celebrate all first “Alcohol Free” landmarks.. I was with him at a gig at the time – something I would have enjoyed normally but this time was struggling as “sober dancing” was just not working for me.. yet was able to at least say that had survived first “AF” gig.  This has been on my mind as I head toward first “sober Christmas” and just last week survived my first “AF’ function.

Husband carted me off to said “function” last week.  Normal coping mechanism would be to pre-load large glass of Sauvignon Blanc (4-6 units), grab a couple of “welcome drinks” (4-6 units) and then ensure that wineglass at table was kept topped up (many more units).  So arrived completely sober and stood around awkwardly as knew nobody and lacked courage to “circulate”.  Hotel manager kindly decided to offer us tour of hotel facilities which worked well as welcome diversion with bonus of discovery of wonderful terrace & pool in my neighbourhood.

Dinner was painful as was accompanied by “singer” bellowing down microphone as he massacred a string of “popular” songs.  Small talk practically impossible due to this racket so the people around the table just smiled vaguely at each other.  Speeches came as light relief to the “singing” and then we had some comedy which was vaguely amusing.  Had been looking at watch under table most of evening and when we got to 10.30 we planned our escape and just legged it – first AF function under my belt.

We are busy planning World Without Wine Launch Party now – was just beginning to worry that nobody would come when I noticed that FB people were complaining that event was “booked out” so I think event will be well attended – and thats even before I announce our “special guest” who hopefully will confirm attendance next week.

Thanks to those bloggees who have joined WorldWithoutWine – we are now compiling database of members and will be giving out those t-shirts soon.

Check out new content on website:-

*  Top Breast Cancer Surgeon Dr Jenny Edge shares the latest research on the link between alcohol
and breast cancer  (article currently with Dr Edge for approval – will post next week)

*  One of the great things about living in Cape Town is the plethora of alternative treatments on offer       – one of my regular treats is watsu – check out ‘The Wonder of Watzu”  read it here

*  Advice from best selling author Melinda Ferguson on saying “no” to a drink – watch it here

Have a wonderful week!



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