sober socialising – seven survival tips

“Are you afraid of getting sober?” is one of the questions we ask at our workshops.  The response we get from the group is invariably “well yes…”

Their biggest fear?  How on earth do I cope with parties, functions, restaurants, networking etc. without a glass of wine in my hand?

Well amazingly it is possible to be alcohol free and have a social life but it takes practice and perseverance – try our seven survival tips and let us know how you get on…

  1. Remember alcohol is not a fun machine – it’s actually you, your friends and the environment that provide the fun – not the contents of your glass.
  2. Fake it till you make it.  Just slap a smile on your face and commit to an hour of making a real effort.  You are under no obligation to be the “life and soul” of the party and entertain everyone else – maybe just try listening hard to what people are saying – they will love it!
  3. It’s nobody’s business why you are not drinking but people are nosy – have an explanation up your sleeve to get them off your case – “I’m on meds” or “I’m on a health kick” are classics and who can argue with either of those?
  4. Always have an escape plan.  Stay long enough to be polite but if you are really suffering then just go.  You can leave whenever you like – it’s not a big deal.  You came – and now you are going.
  5. Early sobriety is really hard work but if you don’t want to become a recluse then you need to put in the work.  Then one evening you will realise that you are having an awesome time without even thinking about what is in your glass.
  6. Relish waking up with a clear head and plenty of energy the next morning – even if it wasn’t the best night ever you will have total recall and can now get on with your day.
  7. Finally – look on the bright side – when you are sober, the chances of you making a fool of yourself (or crashing your car) are greatly reduced.
    That is a very good thing.  Trust me on that one.
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