Workshop 3!

Another Sobriety Workshop done and dusted.  Another awesome group opening their hearts and healing together.  Our community is growing – each workshop resulted in a “Whatsapp Group” so the participants can keep each other on track – so now I am on 3 different groups and my phone never stops emitting those little “chings” to let you know another message has come in!  If someone has fallen off the wagon then we ask them to check in on a daily basis – and it seems to work.  We are also getting together in the flesh – monthly coffee mornings in the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens and we are doing the 5k Spar Walk in a group next month – baseball caps with WWW logo all round!

Did two very different radio interviews last week – started the week with TammyB (pictured) who is from 2OceansVibe radio – an internet radio station which prides itself on “irreverent programming with cutting edge and trending music” – podcast of the interview is HERE –  and for a completely different experience at the end of the week went to Fine Music Radio – their mission is to “provide classical and jazz music as well as presenting cultural and artistic content”.  Interview before me was about contemporary jazz and referred to “colliding pieces of music” – clever interviewer Philip Todres made a nice link in his intro to me about how all sorts of things can “collide” when alcohol has been involved 😉

Sobriety Workshop

We have our regular feature VICKY’S VIEW  by the globetrotting author Vicky Unwin – in SA we love to complain  as we teeter on the edge of “junk status” but Vicky manages to summarise what’s going on elsewhere in the world which certainly brings some perspective!

On a lighter note HERE is a little video clip from our trip to Khayelitsha last month – Soso was one of Earthchild’s first pupils 10 years ago – and now she is one of SA’s first young black yoga teachers!

In other news I have a publisher interested in my book idea “Living in a World Without Wine” – they want synopsis plus first three chapters by end of April – eish!   First section of book will be people’s stories of battling the booze – if you have a story to tell that you would like to be included (anonymously) then please send it to


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