South Africa – where is your research?

In preparation for launch of new project later this month have been trying to research statistics and information around alcohol consumption/abuse in South Africa.  Perhaps am being dim but there seems to be surprisingly little on the net – and what there is seems to be a few years old.  I guess someone has to commission and pay for such research and imagine that alcohol industry not keen.  Perhaps they are too busy lobbying the government to quash the proposed ban on alcohol advertising.

There seems to be plenty of research done in UK – in fact “safe” drinking guidelines soon to be reduced from current levels as a result of recent research.  The excellent is actually funded by donations from UK drinks industry – impressive.

On a lighter note had lunch with pal Claire last week – we were discussing moderating vs quitting wine. We are both “Banting” so rather than count calories we just eat what we like so long as its not carbs. Quitting alcohol is rather similar in that we can drink what we like so long as its not alcohol!  For me it has proved easier to quit than moderate when one is endlessly counting “units” and head is full of planning how many “units” left to get through rest of week.  If I started my count on Sunday I was usually through my 14 by Tuesday!

Watched a webinar by the lovely Lucy Rocca of Soberistas – she talks a lot of sense and is a great encouragement to those of us in early recovery.  Loved her promise that long term sobriety brings with it an element of mental clarity to see what kind of life one really wants – together with the energy to go out and get it.  Lucy maintains that sobriety enabled her to get the life that makes her happy – sounds good to me!

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