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It’s not a sprint – its a marathon.  Giving up drinking is very like dieting – one little lapse and it’s easy to convince yourself you are hopeless and might as well carry on consuming the carbs or the wine or whatever.  One of the great things about the Whatsapp groups which we set up after each workshop is that if someone slips up they share with the group – responses are totally nonjudgemental and encouraging and without exception that person gets right back on track.  One of the ladies in our group likes to “check in” on a daily basis after she has had a lapse -and I am noticing that the periods between her lapses are getting longer and longer 😉  Going from drinking every day to weeks of non-drinking, then one lapse before going back to non-drinking has to be a change for the better – just do the math!

Changing your drinking takes time.  If you insist on satisfying your cravings for that glass of wine immediately then you will never get off the starting block.  Every day you make even a small change, you are one step closer to achieving your goals.  The more days that go by the more likely you are to stick to it for the long term.  My “I’m done drinking” app tells me I have done 322 days without a drink and I can honestly say it is getting easier.  My life has gone from a series of “highs and lows” to a more relaxed feeling of contentment.  The FMO phase is definitely passing and the bouts of irritation are lessening.

Deeply impressed by one of the ladies on our last workshop.  After a lifetime of serious drinking she went cold turkey after workshop three weeks ago. A couple of days ago she flew to Thailand.  Even though her sister was drinking on the plane she didn’t and when the heat first hit her and she was offered an ice-cold beer she just said no!  The trip was an important family reunion – would have been so easy to give in but she stood firm.  Well done you!

We now have a “private Facebook group” for everyone who has been on a workshop.  Have 18 members already and its proving a great way to communicate, share articles and pictures etc..  What did we do before Facebook I wonder?  I do have to smile when Facebook send me a picture from the past for their “memories” feature – invariably I am clutching huge glass of wine!

Am attaching a couple of great articles – the first one is “9 things to tell yourself when you want to have a drink” – it’s really good.  If you are struggling maybe you need to put this list on your phone!  It’s HERE

Secondly a Brit called John Aldridge kindly sent me “100 tips to prevent relapse” that he had collated from various addiction experts.  Its a brilliant list which you can read HERE  – you can follow John on twitter @Rehab4Group

Finally those lovely guys at Fine Music Radio sent me a podcast of my recent interview which you can listen to HERE

Tomorrow it’s coffee morning at Kirstenbosch for WorldWithoutWine people – come and join us at 10am in Moyo if you would like to meet some “graduates” of our workshops…

Sunday 17th April WorldWithoutWine has a team entered for the Spar ladies walk – will report back!

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