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Thank you Janis Theron for some practical ideas for saving the planet…

How can we all lighten our footprints on Earth?

Janis Theron

So what can we do, each and every tiny individual that we are in the bigger picture of the present Environmental Crisis?

15 Steps Towards Living More Sustainably

  1. Do you really need to go shopping again? Shop once a month in bulk and locally
  2. If you do have to go shopping, avoid plastic and read the label – how can you help someone else/the natural environment?
  3. Avoid all processed foods (read labels) and support local businesses only
  4. Be water wise – save and reuse; indigenous garden
  5. Green your home – solar, grey water, compost, recycling, vege garden
  6. Choose renewable energies
  7. Eat less meat, eat more plants
  8. Choose to have a smaller family
  9. Recycle – make compost; shop at charity shops and donate to them too
  10. Grow your own veggies; keep chickens and even pigs if you can
  11. Don’t buy any disposables – coffees, food, wet wipes, plastic knives and forks, etc
  12. Rely less on your car – use a car pool, public transport, bicycles and walking
  13. Use your voice and vote, sign petitions, stand up for Earth, join a green organisation
  14. Buy Fair Trade products; use Responsible Travel ethics and Sustainable Tourism if you have to go anywhere…


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