We did it!

Overwhelmed by fantastic response to our “Dry January Challenge” – we set a goal of raising R20,000 for Earthchild project and ended up reaching R30,000!

Apparently our daily e-mails really helped:-

“The daily e-mails and stories helped me to keep on track – and I loved the link to giving yoga lessons”

I loved the challenge – thank you for inspiring me to do it.  I will definitely be lowering my weekly consumption from now on”

Am feeling so much more healthy after Dry January!”

R30,000 means 150 under-privileged kids get one year of weekly yoga classes.  Am still receiving mails from people who want to do a “Dry February” so we are leaving donation link open a bit longer – link is HERE

Later this month we will be making a video about the Earthchild project so all donors can see just where their money went.

Thanks again!

janet x


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