South African Workshops

“New Beginnings” Workshop

Today has been amazing – everything I was looking for to enable me to make the change”

This workshop has been designed to change your life.  If  you have been trying to moderate or quit
drinking and not succeeding then this is for you.

We will give you the information and the tools you need to change your behaviour and enable you to meet other people with the same issue.

  We will also enlighten you regarding the damage you are doing to your health if you continue to drink excessively.

We will help you to explore ways to change your relationship with alcohol.  The day will provide you with the structure and time to reflect on your drinking, while preparing to moderate or stop.

The session will enable you to reframe your deeply held beliefs around alcohol which will in turn diminish your desire to drink.

The workshop will be led by Janet Gourand – the founder of WWW who was psychologically dependent on alcohol and is now in recovery.

The session will be very participative and you will leave with a firm action plan for the future.  We limit the groups to 15 people.

Included in the workshop fee is a one-to-one coaching session as well as an invitation to join a community of people on the same journey 

The workshop will run from 10am to 4pm.

Tea, coffee and buffet lunch will be provided.

Next workshops on March 24th and May 12th in Joburg

 March 17th and May 19th in Cape Town

If you don’t live in Cape Town or Joburg then we suggest one to one coaching via Skype which will include workshop content – for more information please send e-mail to

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