World Without Wine hits the airwaves!

Last week Cape Talk was reporting on the link between breast cancer and alcohol so with my credentials as a “breast cancer survivor” and the founder of WorldWithoutWine I was the perfect guest!

Here I am with the lovely @PippaHudson and charismatic celebrity doc @DrDarrenGreen.

In spite of my nerves it all went well although half way through the programme I realised to my horror that I had not switched my phone off and kept glancing at the beast in my handbag – fortunately phone remained silent until end of the show when an SMS bleeped loudly – this earned me a sideways glance from John Maytham who was the next presenter –John is renowned for being tough on his interviewees so I got off lightly!

The phone in calls were mainly from ladies who wanted to check that my workshop would be suitable for people who wanted to “moderate” rather than “stop” drinking. I know exactly where they are coming from – I always used to say that I never wanted to drink so much that I would have to stop one day – no such luck. In fact I have delegated the section of my workshop around “moderation” to somebody who can moderate her intake as feel unqualified to cover this subject!

Exciting spin off from the show was that I now have plenty of people registered for my first workshop – “New Beginnings” which will take place in Cape Town on 7th November. There are still a couple of places left if any locals are reading this – click on “workshop” tab for more details.

Recording of the Cape Talk show can be found in Media Room section of this site.

As October is breast cancer awareness month I have secured an interview with Dr Jenny Edge who is going to talk to me about the link between alcohol and breast cancer. Jenny is a top breast cancer surgeon – she saved my life back in in 2006. The interview is on November 9th so will post soon afterwards. If you have any specific questions you would like me to put to her then send them to

Vicky’s view is proving to be a popular feature – this month we have a review of “Icarus” which is the latest book from Deon Mayer, one of South Africa’s favourite crime writers.

Find Vicky’s View under “Features”.

World Without Wine team is busy installing a membership facility on the site – members will get discounts and be able to interact with other members – more news next time!

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